Katie Holmes meets with restaurateur Emilio Vitolo

After the divorce from Tom Cruise, from which Katie Holmes gave birth to her daughter Suri (now she is 14 years old), the actress’s personal life remained in the shadows. The press repeatedly wrote about her affair with actor Jamie Foxx, but the couple did not officially comment on their relationship. According to rumors, they went their separate ways last year.

And now, it seems that a new love has appeared in the life of 41-year-old Katie, and she does not intend to hide it yet. In one of the restaurants in New York, Holmes was noticed in the company of the famous chef and restaurateur, 33-year-old Emilio Vitolo Jr. The couple did not hide their feelings, hugged, and kissed.

Emilio’s father owns Emilio’s Ballato restaurant, which is popular with celebrities. So, fans of the institution are Whoopi Goldberg, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Joe Jonas, Bradley Cooper and others. So it is possible that Emilio met Cathy at work. Well, Holmes herself decided to try to build a relationship, not with a colleague in the shop.

The industry is very cruel to relationships

so one of the insiders commented on her breakup with Jamie Foxx, hinting that it is difficult to establish a personal life in Hollywood.

Katie herself seems to be of the same opinion. This is how she recalled her marriage to Tom Cruise.

It was a stressful time. So much attention was riveted to us, and I also had a small child in my arms,

the actress admitted in an interview with InStyle.

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