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Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo decided to live together

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo started dating just a couple of months ago, but their relationship is developing rapidly, and it seems that celebrities are already living together. The other day, the paparazzi caught Katie and Emilio when they went shopping. The lovers made a lot of purchases in the home and interior goods store. Photographers captured the actress and chef bringing the purchases home. Emilio acted like a gentleman, taking the full bags over and leaving Katie with one pillow.

Now fans of the couple have reason to think that Holmes and Vitolo are arranging a life together. Although the lovers themselves did not report this.

Recently, Emilio first spoke about his feelings for the actress on the social network. He could not help but be delighted with Katie’s new photoshoot for Vogue magazine and posted a post in which he showed one of the frames. “Yeah, baby!” – signed a photo of Emilio and accompanied him with emoji in the form of red hearts. But after a while, Holmes’ boyfriend deleted the publication.

The relationship between the 41-year-old actress and the 33-year-old chef of the Italian restaurant Emilio’s Ballato became known in September when the paparazzi captured them during a romantic dinner. Some are confused by the age difference between Katie and Emilio, but the couple does not care. Insiders say that Holmes fell head over heels in love with Vitolo. “Emilio is very charming, playful, it’s easy to see that Katie is madly in love with him. She looks very enthusiastic, sends him messages all day, and he really likes it. He loves her attention, “– said a source from the environment of the couple.

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