Kate Winslet talks about bullying in the media after ‘Titanic’ release

At 21, Kate Winslet became a star after the release of the movie Titanic.

The actress admired her performance, but the press maliciously began to discuss every little thing, and then completely attacked her with harsh criticism. The celebrity kept resentments in herself for a long time, but then she decided to speak out on the WTF podcast of Mark Maron.

“After the Titanic release, I immediately switched to self-defence mode, which I kept day and night. I was subjected to rigorous stability tests because I was often criticized, and the British press in particular, ”- said Keith.

She admitted that at that moment, she felt like a target for the media. The actress in no way wanted to be discussed negatively and was wary of notoriety.

“To be honest, I remember feeling like I was being bullied every day,” Winslet said. At 25, Kate became a mother and began to tolerate attacks from the media more easily. All her attention was focused on her daughter.

As it turned out, the actress did not feel like a professional when she played Titanic. Perhaps this additionally affected her acute perception of the assessments of journalists.

“I was still learning to play. I felt like I wasn’t ready to do enough for the big Hollywood job. But I didn’t want to make mistakes and lose. I tried to find small things that helped me to understand acting better, ”concluded Kate.

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