Kate Winslet personally knows four actors who are hiding their sexuality

Kate Winslet speaks openly about the stigma in Hollywood that has become an obstacle to gay actors.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the actress noted that she knows actors who are afraid to come out out of fear in their careers.

“I can’t say how many people I know exactly. These are both famous and novice actors who are afraid to find out about their orientation, preventing them from getting roles. I can remember at least four such actors. They are afraid of their sexuality, which is sad. They are afraid that the public will find out about this, and they say, “I don’t want anyone to find out.” One of them, quite famous, was recently told by an American agent: “I understand that you are bisexual. But it’s better not to talk about it, ” Winslet said.

Especially, says Keith, these problems concern gay men. “This is sad news. It’s time for Hollywood to end this old-fashioned bullshit: Can he play a straight man if he’s gay? Believe it or not, this problem is pervasive. As a result, the actors decide not to confess: some for reasons of privacy, and some for conditioning and shame, ” said Winslet.

Kate became more and more supportive of the LGBT community after her role in the movie “Ammonite”, where she played a romantic relationship with a woman. Earlier, the actress admitted that after filming intimate scenes with a female colleague, she realized that she had been “objectified” all this time.

“[With the woman], I felt absolute equality and security. We were not objectified at all. But because of this, I realized that I had been objectified earlier, although I did not know about it, ” said the actress.

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