Kate Moss with her daughter and boyfriend on holiday in Ibiza

The other day, Kate, along with her lover, daughter, and friends flew to Ibiza. Yesterday, with the whole friendly company, they went out to the open sea on a luxurious snow-white yacht for the whole day.

By the way, about a month ago, in an interview with Elle, the model told how her self-isolation went. Kate tried to comply with the regime and did not forget about sports:

I go to bed at 11 pm and watch a little Netflix before falling asleep. I deal with stress by doing yoga. It helps me focus on the present.

A couple of years ago, Kate Moss gave up her bad habits and began to take care of her health. The only “weakness” of the star today is smoking.

I take care of myself, I’m a good girl. I go to bed on time, drink a lot of water, try to smoke less and reduce the amount of caffeine,

– shared Kate in an interview.

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