Kate Middleton urged Meghan Markle to return to the family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to make various statements to the residents of Buckingham Palace, but despite this, the Duchess of Cambridge is ready to act as a peacemaker in the family conflict.

Passions in the royal family do not subside. The sensational interview of Harry and Meghan, given to Oprah Winfrey, made a serious split in the House of Windsor, but the information war did not end there. The Dukes of Sussex continue to make loud comments to the press.

Despite this, the crowned relatives took a forgiving position towards the couple. According to insiders, Kate Middleton recently said that Harry and Meghan “are not too late to return to the family.” Earlier, it was she who acted as a parliamentarian between her husband and his rebellious brother.

Many tabloids describe the line of conduct chosen by the Duchess of Cambridge as nothing less than “worthy of a real queen.” In an interview, Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith said:” If anyone can bring peace to the royal family, it’s Kate. She is a brilliant judge and peacemaker.”

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