Kate Middleton received a gorgeous gift from Princess Diana’s rival

Kate Middleton received a surprise gift from the wife of Prince Charles – Camilla Parker Bowles. On the Web, they have already rushed to joke on this topic, they say, the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle, known for her love of expensive things, will surely envy the wife of Prince William.

The journalists managed to find out that Middleton received a bracelet worth three thousand pounds just the other day. The most valuable thing in a gold bracelet is a pendant. On one side of it is engraved the first letter of Kate Middleton’s name and a crown, and on the second – Camilla’s initials.

Experienced jeweler Nick Whittington appreciated the present from Camilla.

“The bracelet that Camille gave is amazing. It is relevant at all times and very elegant. And the engraving shows how much of a personal gift it is, ”he told Express UK.

On the Web, they managed to both rejoice and gloat. Some were quick to note that Kate, unlike Megan, had already managed to get hold of a bracelet from Camilla and a ring from Princess Diana. Others noted that they were pleasantly impressed by the closeness that developed between family members.

“How does the Duke of Cambridge feel about the fact that his wife is friends with the enemy of his late mother?” – the third asked a question.

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1 thought on “Kate Middleton received a gorgeous gift from Princess Diana’s rival”

  1. This is nasty & ridiculous. You state Meghan loves expensive things, as if she doesn’t love things from the heart. When she’s the very one who gives from the heart. You said she’d be jealous of an expensive gift Kate got. I’m sure Meghan doesn’t know nor care about what Kate got. You see, Kate is the one you always, including now, mention always gets, purchases, and wears expensive new things, so it must be Kate that loves expensive things. Yet Kate, William, Camilla and the rest, live off of taxpayer money and you don’t seem to mind them spending your money so frivolously; on expensive things just to have because they want and love them. Meghan, on the other hand, works for her money and you still complain about the amount of money she spends on a pair of shoes! That really is none of your business. She works for her money. Kate doesn’t. Meghan writes poems and buys sentimental gifts. She cooks fabulous meals and writes with the most beautiful handwriting. She’s so talented and so kind. Stop being mean to her for the very same things you praise Kate for! You’re making me hate Kate!


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