Kate Middleton prepares to replace Prince Harry at the unveiling of Princess Diana monument

In July, Prince William and Prince Harry are due to reunite for the second time this year to unveil a monument to their mother. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997, when her sons were teenagers. On July 1, Lady Dee could have celebrated her 60th birthday.

The Duke of Sussex may postpone his visit to London because of an important family event: very soon, Meghan Markle will give birth to her second child, a girl. In addition, Harry has not stopped publicly criticizing the royal family recently, so his return home promises to be very stressful – as in April when the prince flew to the funeral of Prince Philip.

Royal columnist Russell Myers is sure that William will not want to open the statue of Diana alone, so we should expect that the company will be Kate Middleton. Earlier, insiders said that the Duchess is doing everything possible to try to reconcile her husband with his younger brother.

“Will Harry have the desire to continue to criticize his family like this? He will likely be standing shoulder to shoulder with his brother when they unveil the statue of Princess Diana, so the situation can be extremely awkward. Although there are doubts whether he will come at all, because he and Meghan are expecting the birth of their second child, ” Myers shared on the Pod Save the Queen podcast. “Perhaps Kate will come to the fore so that William doesn’t do it alone.”

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12 thoughts on “Kate Middleton prepares to replace Prince Harry at the unveiling of Princess Diana monument”

  1. Meghan Markle is an embarrassment……She is a Hollywood actress who thought she would marry into the royal family and take center stage!!!! She is ridiculous amd throwing a Hollywood tamper tantrum. Shame in Prince Harry for being so gullible. I understand aboit family but he is just embarassing the Royal family because if his wife’s absurb accusations!!!!! Take that to Oprah!!!! LOL

  2. From day one she was jealous of princess Kate. She thought she’d come in and be able to follow and just like everybody else which. She didn’t realize if you’ve never been a royal or lived in British Columbia and you don’t even have an inkling to know what’s going on. She needs to grow up Quit placing blame on someone else but her self

  3. Megan Markle is all about herself. I don’t think she even loves Harry. She is an actress so she is fake. She has no style or class to totally destroy a family for her on glory. She is sickening.

  4. I think William should have Diana’s brother with him for the unveiling if Harry doesn’t attend. I also think Harry needs to stay where he is and not cause his family any more grief. They are only doing those interviews for attention. Meagan and Harry are media mongers, they left the UK to get away from the limelight but have done everything they can to stay in it since moving here. Shame on them. They want to quit the royal family then strip them of these titles they are using to get publicity and make money. Make them commoners like they want.

  5. Sadly, I am thinking Meghan wanted the glory & title of marrying into the Royal Family, but none of the work that goes along with it.
    There appears to be no real evidence or fore mention of his unhappiness before his involvement with Miss Markle, whom I think is holding & controlling the reins.
    Diana would be heartbroken

  6. I am shocked at the mean-spirited comments here. Harry and Meghan love each other, they have two children together, and they have also experienced a miscarriage together. Yes, Harry WAS unhappy before he met Meghan. No, she is NOT “just an actress.” And then people who need to grief yo are the ones projecting their rage onto Meghan. Deal with your own feelings.

  7. I do believe they love each other. I also believe Megan got in over her head. I’m sad for the family. The Queen should not be going through all this at this time. She adores Harry and the loss of her husband at this time it’s a lot for her to deal with. I think Megan has a lot of growing up to do and Harry has to stop letting her control him. I wish them luck and love with their family but Harry don’t forget where you came from.

  8. I certainly don’t know anything, but I do know that putting down your family isn’t a good thing to do. It shows disrespect, and makes them look very bad, and very immature. They both got what they wanted and should go ahead and live their life as they went off to do, live in peace, and stop putting down their family. I see Kate as a pleaser, always trying to fix things, which is very sweet of her, but I’m sure very stressful as well. I wish for her own sake, she just let’s the cards fall where they are going to do anyway. Somethings just can’t be fixed, unless all want it fixed. Bless her heart, I feel so sorry for her. She is a woman that stands out above her sister-in-law, because of how she conducts herself. I hope Harry does stop living in fear of losing someone else that he loves, and stops all this gossip about his family. Meghan does have a lot of growing up today, and for her husband’s sake as well as her children, she should be a peace maker. Both women are beautiful in their own way, and both have so much to offer the world. The color of people’s skin is getting old, it’s talked about so much that now most people don’t even care about that anymore. Harry needs his family, it’s his roots, it’s who he is, and she needs to stop with this talk about skin color. Even if someone made a comment, who really cares? Expecting more from the Royal Family is crazy, they wanted to be like everyone else, and by being that, that have to know, they can’t have it both ways. They need to think about their children now, and realize their children have to live down everything they say and do. I wish each one blessing and peace, and how wonderful they are living the life they wanted so much, but this putting down family is just awful and should stop.

  9. Harry and Megan hope that the arrival of their daughter Lili will bring healing to their family but an apology should come with it. William, Charles, The Queen, and Kate have all been thru the mill by all the ugly talk that has gone on.
    Kate bless her sweet soul has taken upon her self to help her brother in law and husband heal from all the ugliness that has been said it’s time that the negative talk stop. As for Archie and lili even though we haven’t seen Lili yet they both are gorgeous kids imagine all the beauty they bring to the royal family imagine the doors they will open for them selves and for others the world is so much better and more beautiful because they are in it. God let them all heal from all this time to heal and move forward.

  10. This is quite ridiculous. This is something both brothers decided to do. They loaned the dress for this. Harry could easily have said ‘never mind. I don’t feel this is a good time at this point and I have decided not to agree to loan the dress at this time due to extenuating circumstances.’ He didn’t do that, but he most certainly could have. Why do people have to be so mean? Media puts out so many lies and untruths. They publish a story in which ONE part may be true and they use that as EVIDENCE that they’re being honest. Example? One paper published a story saying police were called to Harry and Meghan’s California home because neighbors could hear them screaming and fighting so loudly that they called the cops to go to their home. They even posted pics of the police. The only true part of that story was that the police were called. But not by neighbors and not due to loud arguing from the Duke and Duchess. Someone tried to break into their home. Wouldn’t you call the police? There are stalkers and criminals everywhere and people must protect themselves. I remember when terrorists wanted to kidnap Harry while he was fighting a war. Bad people are everywhere. But I hope and pray there are just as many good people out there, or more for that matter. What is so scary is the amount of hate I see online for people whom we do not even know. We read stories that are lies and made up. All so that someone can make money, but they don’t care about the people they are hurting and the lives they are tearing apart, all for the sake of money. It’s a sad world when folks start believing and then attacking others they don’t even know. Bullying is a horrible, ugly thing and I want to make sure that God is proud of me on judgement day.


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