Kate Middleton named the future Queen of Britain

Uncle of Keith Middleton, Gary Goldsmith, named his niece the future Queen of Great Britain. According to him, the Duchess of Cambridge has carried out successful work for many years and is now considered the “greatest asset” of the royal family. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The Duchess’s uncle confirmed that he could be biased in his judgments. In his opinion, the royal family lives “in an era of change.” If Elizabeth II had left the throne, it would have been something like a roller coaster. However, Goldsmith believed that Prince William and his wife would cope with stabilizing the country’s situation.

“She doesn’t just look like part of the royal family. She lives in it. She behaves the way you would like a royal to behave. She has the composure of a civil servant but at the same time the traits of Diana. It’s a difficult balance to be someone with whom you can be identified, but at the same time to reckon with it. She does it. I think she is the Queen’s protege, ” Goldsmith explained.

Earlier in April, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge came out wearing a 44-year-old piece of jewelry that belonged to Elizabeth II. Middleton appeared in public in a coat and complemented the image with silver earrings decorated with pearls and diamonds. The Queen wore the piece in 1977 to celebrate her 50th birthday.

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