Kate Hudson told what it is like to raise three children from different men

41-year-old Kate Hudson rarely talks about her personal life. However, in a new interview, she decided to answer a question that worries many: how does she manage to raise three children from different lovers?

Recall that the actress is raising a 17-year-old son Ryder, born in a marriage with musician Chris Robinson, 9-year-old son Bingham from ex-fiancé Matt Bellani 2-year-old daughter Roni from her current boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

Hudson admitted that for many years, family and children have always been in the first place for her. “I have many ‘fathers’ and my heirs are everywhere … And I worked so hard for the moment when I can really relax surrounded by loved ones,” she said.

Keith noted that despite the mutual understanding between family members, it was rather difficult for them to survive the pandemic.

“I never thought that for the first time in a million years I would spend a year in one place. And when you have so many children, there are often times when you hide in the bathroom and say: “Please, please, take me out of here!”, The actress said.

At such moments, she recalls the fate of other people who have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus and is happy that everything is in order with her family.

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