Kate Hudson spoke about strict parenting

In a new interview with People magazine, mother of many children, Kate Hudson, told how she is raising her three children – two-year-old Ranie Rose, nine-year-old Bingham and 16-year-old Ryder.

The actress said her approach to parenting “came as a surprise to the whole family.” “I am very strict. I set strict rules and sometimes I don’t even discuss them with the children. I realized that if you want to set strict standards in your family, you don’t need to discuss them. If I said no, then no, ”Kate shared.

Hudson admitted that she loves order and discipline in her daily life, especially about the health and parenting of children. “Parents need to set reasonable boundaries for their children by drawing them ‘in the sand’ so that children can test them. You will see how far they can go and how you can handle it. This is an important part of growing up, ” said the actress.

The artist stressed that she is especially strict about the manners of children. “I can’t stand lies. Neither big nor small, ”said Kate. However, Hudson says, she’s not a stern mother when it comes to childhood emotions and mistakes. “I am very open about this. I allow children to express feelings and make mistakes, ”says the star.

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