Kate Beckinsale spoke about a miscarriage she experienced many years ago

Actress Kate Beckinsale, 47, said she had a miscarriage in her 20th week of pregnancy many years ago.

Many years ago, I lost my baby in my 20th week of pregnancy. I managed to keep my pregnancy a secret and I was completely devastated and no one knew about it. Grief, shame, and shock so often accompany these experiences. Add to this the pain of how your body behaves after that as if there is still a child in it who needs to grow: milk is coming, but there is no one to feed. This can be the loneliest and most heartbreaking period in life,

– Kate said.

Beckinsale stood up for Teigen, who was criticized by many for exposing her grief. She noted that people who are faced with such a misfortune should decide for themselves whether to keep it a secret or speak about it out loud.

As if there was some kind of protocol that, if not followed, would allow people not familiar with her and her family to tell her how she should act,

– She defended Chrissy.

Recall that Chrissy Teigen’s miscarriage happened due to severe bleeding, due to which she was hospitalized a few days ago. The star was 22 weeks pregnant. She and John Legend also have two children: four-year-old daughter Luna and two-year-old son Miles.

Kate Beckinsale herself has a 21-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Shin, with actor Michael Sheen.