Kate Beckinsale received an unexpected gift that Embarrassed and Upset her

On July 26, Kate Beckinsale celebrated her 47th birthday. On this day, the actress received many congratulations and wishes from friends and fans, for which she thanked them by recording a video with a cat.

But later, the actress received an unexpected gift, which she did not like very much – someone anonymously sent Kate a live rabbit. The sender probably left the gift outside Kate’s door. She wrote down her reaction to the unexpected present:

What the hell is this ?!

Beckinsale immediately came up with a name for the rabbit – Marvel.

And then she explained why it was a very bad gift idea.

‘Please, please, please never send an unwelcome pet to anyone, no matter how much that person loves animals. Especially anonymously, especially in a cage and on a hot day, when he could be roasted to death if he stayed outside a little longer. We have found for Marvel loving owners who do not have cats. But it was a shock – for Marvel, I think, too. I appreciate your wishes, but please never send an animal to anyone as a gift or a joke,’ – turned to subscribers Kate.

After a while, Beckinsale deleted the posts about the rabbit.

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