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Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace split after nine months of a relationship

The romance of 47-year-old actress Kate Beckinsale and 23-year-old musician Goody Grace has ended. The star not only unsubscribed from her ex-boyfriend on Instagram but also deleted all photos she shared with him. Grace is also no longer subscribed to Kate, however, in his profile, you can still find evidence of their relationship – the July video in which he congratulates the actress on her birthday and confesses his love to her, the singer has not yet deleted.

According to The Sun, after parting with Beckinsale, he went home to Canada. Why there was a split in the couple’s relationship is unknown.

For the first time, Kate and Goody started talking about romance in April. According to insiders, the couple had a lot in common despite the age difference.

He is really very mature, and they can have serious conversations, but at the same time, they can joke and fool around. She just loves being with him, and she loves him for who he is. He treats her with full respect. What more could a woman want from a partner? – sources noted.

Nevertheless, critics addressed to Beckinsale for an affair with a young boyfriend received a lot – haters tried in every possible way to offend her because of the age difference with her lover. But from this verbal battle the actress, who even before Grace met with guys much younger than herself, always came out with dignity.

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