Kanye West will try to become US President again in 2024

On election night in the United States, 43-year-old musician Kanye West took to Twitter to express his humility that he will not lead the country this year. At the same time, the rapper hinted that he was not going to give up his dream.

“Welcome Kanye 2024,” the artist wrote, posting his own snapshot against the backdrop of a map of the United States, on which all the red and blue (Republican and Democratic) states are filled with election results. Apparently, the rapper will try to win the next elections. This time, the Americans had to choose between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

We will remind, earlier Kanye said that he voted for the first time, writing his name in the ballot. Thus, the musician noted a person whom he really trusts. His example was followed by another 57 thousand people.

West’s intention to participate in the political race became known in the spring, but, according to rumors, such stress hit his psyche. The rapper already suffered from bipolar disorder, which only intensified from nervous tension.

He withdrew from the elections several times and resubmitted documents to become a candidate, and as a result, did not have time to draw up the paperwork accordingly. Also, the only performance by the performer in front of the voters turned into a scandal: Kanye admitted that he had persuaded his wife Kim Kardashian to get rid of their first child and have an abortion.

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