Kanye West will run for President as an independent candidate

American musician Kanye West said that he intends to run for President of the United States as an independent candidate, because the current head of the country, Donald Trump, is already nominated from the Republicans.

“I would have run as a Republican if it wasn’t for Trump. I will run as an independent (candidate) since there is Trump,” West said in an interview with Forbes magazine.
Previously, West has repeatedly spoken in support of Trump.

“Trump is the closest President we have had for many years, who has allowed God “to be part of the dialogue,” the musician told the magazine, noting that he no longer supports Trump.

He said that the idea to run for President came to him in the shower when he was composing a rap, and he first announced his idea in 2015 during the MTV Video Vanguard Awards ceremony.

He noted that he decided to run for President in 2020 because God told him that “the time has come” for this. West said that his candidate for Vice President would be an unknown priest from Wyoming, Michelle Thibdall, and the slogan of his campaign is a simple “Yes!” Now, according to him, he has only two advisers, his wife Kim Kardashian and businessman Elon Musk, whom West proposed to become the head of the “space program.”