Kanye West has withdrawn his bid to run in an election in one of the States

American rapper Kanye West has withdrawn his bid to run in the US presidential election in New Jersey, the Associated Press reports, citing email correspondence between the candidate’s headquarters and local authorities.

It is reported that the administrative judge of the state, Gail Cookson, received a letter sent from the email address of West’s campaign with a refusal to participate in the election.

“I will consider this letter as a request to withdraw your application to be nominated for President of the United States in the state of New Jersey,” the judge replied.

In late July, a local election law specialist filed a complaint against West’s application. The lawsuit stated that some of the signatures of voters – supporters of the candidate look made with one hand.

As the Agency notes, the status of West’s presidential campaign and the issue of his participation in the election is still unclear.

West previously stated that he intends to participate in the race for the presidential seat as an independent candidate, because the current head of the country, Donald Trump, is already being nominated from the Republicans. He also suggested that rapper Jay-Z be his candidate for Vice President. Relatives of the performer said that West suffers from bipolar disorder.