Kamala Harris out of the presidential race

In the early struggle, Harris was considered one of the favorites, but in recent months strongly has lagged behind rivals.

California Senator Kamala Harris will wrap up her presidential campaign on Tuesday, a source at her campaign headquarters said. Harris failed to garner enough support in key states, although she performed well in the polls in the early stages.

“I took stock, looked at the situation from all sides and in recent days came to one of the most difficult decisions in my life,” Harris said in an email to her supporters. “My presidential campaign simply lacks the financial resources necessary to continue.”

Harris spoke with her campaign staff on a conference call Tuesday afternoon, notifying them of her decision, according to anonymous sources.

Harris, 55, has positioned herself as a unifying candidate capable of appealing to both young progressive voters and more moderate ones.

After a strong performance at the June debate, her rating reached double digits, but in recent months, she has dropped out of the favorites, as well as lagged far behind competitors in the number of funds raised.

According to critics, the decline in Harris’s popularity is due to her inability to articulate a political program, as well as voter discontent over her attacks on one of her opponents – former Vice President Joe Biden.

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