Kaia Gerber was spotted kissing with her boyfriend Jacob Elordi

Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, was caught kissing Jacob Elordi. The couple could not contain the impulse of feelings as they headed to the store while walking Kaia’s dog named Milo. All the way Gerber and Elordi wore protective masks, which they took off just for a kiss.

Up to this point, the status of Kaya and Jacob’s relationship was incomprehensible to fans. Since the summer, they began to be often seen together: they came across the lenses of the paparazzi when they left the gym together, walked, and visited restaurants. But an insider said that they were “flirting with each other” and that Jacob “would definitely like to date her,” but “so far nothing serious between them.” Also, according to the source, Gerber and Elordi have many friends in common and go to parties together.

In late September, it became known that Kaia introduced Jacob to his parents and invited him to a family vacation in Mexico. The paparazzi got to them and there: a couple was captured while hugging in the pool.

They hung out at the beach club, holding hands and kissing. Everything is fine between them, they spend a lot of time together, – noted then a source from the environment of the couple.

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