Kadyrov said that he deserves the Nobel Prize

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has rejected accusations that human rights are being violated in the region.

“Where did I violate human rights? On the contrary, we are fighting and dying to protect human rights,” he said.

He stressed that in Chechnya, “stopped the war, and destroyed international terrorism.”

“I thought they would give me the Nobel Prize, that I was fighting terrorism,” the Chechen leader said.

Instead, sanctions were imposed against him, Kadyrov said, adding that it was “unfair.”

He recalled that in Afghanistan, “2 million dead, how many are the military operations, America cannot do anything”, while in Chechnya, thanks to the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin, the order has been restored, the region ” lives peacefully, develops, 1.5 million people live quietly.”

“They don’t like it,” Kadyrov said.

This week, Kadyrov was included in the blacklist of the state Department. In response, he posted a photo with two machine guns and said that he “accepts the fight.” Later, the head of Chechnya announced that he included US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in all sanctions lists, up to blocking Bank accounts, in response to putting him and his family members on the blacklist.