Justin Long talks about filming with Britney Spears

American film actor Justin Long, famous for his role in the horror film Jeepers Creepers, shared his memories of 18 years ago.

Then he took part in the filming of the movie “Crossroads”, in which the then-popular Britney Spears was also involved. Long shared his memories on his Instagram page, where he talked about what was happening on the set:

“I remember being a little nervous working with Britney Spears: she was such a huge star in 2002 (as she is now). When she introduced herself to me in the no-makeup trailer, I was disarmed by how cute and not famous she seemed – just a sweet girl (not yet a woman) from Louisiana. She immediately made me feel comfortable. “

Also, 42-year-old Justin said that, despite his small role in that picture, he felt inspired, since a “wonderful” work environment surrounded him. About Britney, he recalls that she became much tenser when everyone left the set, as she was constantly monitored by fans and the paparazzi, who were “hiding in the bushes.” The situation was not always rescued by a large bodyguard assigned to her.

“Years later, when the tabloid frenzy around Britney reached its climax, I remember how I felt very sorry for her. No one deserves that kind of persecution, much less a very nice person – someone who behaved well towards a young, nervous actor who is much lower on the set, ”says Long.

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