Justin Bieber googled his photos on the Internet and was upset

Singer Justin Bieber in his Instagram video is indignant that when he searches in a search engine, the first of his photos to “pop up” are not the best ones. This concerns the photo, which the artist commented by saying that he was sick at the time of shooting: “I don’t know what the algorithm is, why certain photos appear, but this is so unpleasant considering that it took me a long time to recover and I feel that people trying to sabotage me officially. “

Justin explains in a story: “It was a time when I was really unwell. I fought Lyme disease. I look dishevelled in all the main photos, right? I was obviously going through tough times, but this is similar to the photographs that the media are trying to use. There are so many new photos that I have submitted to the media, and they continue to use old photos. So what’s the deal? I don’t know. It makes me sad. I would like them to change that. I asked them to change this. Since then, I have done a lot of photoshoots, and yes, they don’t need to upload those photos, but they do. I do not know why. I mean, look at my skin now. There are so many photos they can choose from, ”he concluded.

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