Justin Bieber denies he is preparing to take office at Hillsong Church

Canadian musician and actor Justin Bieber on social networks explained and refuted rumours that he was preparing to take the place of the pastor of the Hillsong Church after the dismissal of the baptizing singer Pastor Karl Lenz from this post.

The well-known New York Post published an article in which it was said that the 26-year-old performer is “studying to be a priest” for Hillsong Church. Since the organization’s former pastor Karl Lenz was fired scandalously last November, rumours of a stellar replacement have intensified.

The artist decided to give a rebuttal and stop rumours by posting on his Instagram page. He wrote: “I am not studying to be ministers, pastors or anything close to that. I have no desire. This is fake news. ” The artist also openly declares that he is a follower of another church – Church: “Hillsong is not my church … I am part of Church.” In the same publication, Bieber says that he cannot become a pastor, since “the church is not a definite place on earth, these are people,” and Christians do not need some building or intermediary to communicate with God.

Previously, Justin openly admitted that he attended a non-denominational gathering known as the City Church, led by Jude and Chelsea Smith. Other notable followers of the organization were Ciara, Kourtney Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

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