Justin Bieber again tried to challenge Tom Cruise to fight

Busy filming Mission Impossible-7, Tom Cruise received a sudden call from young singer Justin Bieber … to the boxing ring.

The singer shared his black and white photo on Instagram, where he appeared with a naked torso and in boxing equipment. This shooting was conducted not for the sake of shocking fans (as well as much more numerous fans of Justin), but as a video sequence for the clip “Anyone”.

Bieber confirmed the video’s name by stating that he couldn’t care less about any rival and challenged Tom Cruise to a fight without rules – in the famous “octagon”, where only punches to the groin and eyes are prohibited.

Fans of Justin really did not believe their eyes because of the singer’s obvious advantages over Tom Cruise. One can only name his youth – 25 out of 58 years old, but this has exhausted Bieber’s positive resources. Cruz is in great physical shape and trains regularly.

The actor may not repeat every trick or power scene of his characters in real life, but his counterpart has never done this even on the set and is unlikely to compete with an action star.

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