Justice Department asks to postpone the ruling obliging Don McGahn to testify

Earlier, the court ruled that the former Chief White House lawyer must testify in the impeachment investigation.

The US Justice Department asked an appeals court to delay a ruling that obliges former White House top lawyer don McGahn to testify as part of an impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

The motion was filed in the DC court of appeals after judge Ketanji Brown Jackson failed to comply with a similar request that her ruling not take effect on Monday.

The judge disagreed with the administration’s position that former and current White House staffers have immunity and cannot be forced to testify before Congress. The judge stressed that no one is above the law.

Justice Department lawyers are calling for the ruling to be blocked until Trump is “irreparably harmed by forcing his former close adviser to testify.”

The administration wants the ruling to be put on hold while the appeal process is underway: then McGahn won’t have to testify at that time. Under White House orders, former and current administration officials are not required to testify in an impeachment investigation or provide congressmen with documents.

In May, McGahn, who left office in October 2018, ignored a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee that wanted his testimony about trump’s possible attempts to obstruct the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, which was led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

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