Jupiter approached Saturn for the first time in 800 years. Photo

On the night of December 21-22, people all over the world could see a unique phenomenon – the two largest planets of the solar system were as close to each other as possible.

The convergence of Jupiter and Saturn began around December 17. Only now they were so close that from some points on the Earth it looks like they have merged into one planet.

The convergence of Jupiter and Saturn in the NASA photo from December 17 are two small dots to the right of the monument. Saturn and Jupiter approach each other about once every 20 years, but they were last this close to each other almost 800 years ago – in 1226.

The next time a similar event will occur only in the spring of 2080, but they will no longer merge into one planet.

Added value to this event was the fact that the planets in December 2020 were very bright. They could be seen with the naked eye and filmed with a smartphone camera.

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