Jude Law first spoke about the birth of his sixth child

In August, news broke that Jude Law and his wife, Philip Cohen, had become parents. Celebrities did not report this, but in July Philippa was seen with a pregnant tummy, and in August she was already with a flat belly. The couple has not yet commented on the news of the birth of the baby, so the details about the baby are unknown.

But the other day, Lowe, when he was a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show, finally confirmed the birth of a baby. When the host asked Jude how he was doing, the actor replied:

Yes, he worked in the garden. Oh, and I had a baby. That’s it.

Lowe then said a few words about his married life. He is raising one child with Philip, although Jude has five more children from a past relationship. He and his ex-wife Sadie Frost have three children: 23-year-old Rafferty, 19-year-old Iris, and 17-year-old Rudy. The actor also has a 10-year-old daughter Sophia with model Samantha Burke and 5-year-old Ada with singer Catherine Harding.

We were very fortunate that we could live as a family, nest, and enjoy each other’s company every day. It was wonderful,

Lowe said about life during the quarantine.

Jude also noted that he and Philip are very happy and that the baby and mom are doing well. But Jude has not yet revealed the name and gender of the baby.

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