Jude Law comments on Johnny Depp’s firing from Fantastic Beasts

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Warner Bros. stripped Johnny Depp of his role as Grindelwald in the sequel to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise. This news literally turned the Web into a scrambled hive: neither fans, nor insiders, nor the actor’s colleagues were left on the sidelines. Jude Law, whose hero, Albus Dumbledore, had a romantic relationship with the villain, as planned by J.K. Rowling, also spoke about what had happened.

Lowe recently spoke with a spokesperson for Entertainment Tonight and said that they are working on a massive film that has “many layers” and “has to rely on the studio in a situation like this.” “This is all you can do. You have to appear and play your role, ” the actor emphasized. He also admitted that he was not too surprised at how events developed and confirmed that Depp managed to spend very little time on the set.

“I think Johnny was starring for one day only,”
he explained.

It is not yet clear what fate awaits Grindelwald. Last week, there were reports on the web that Mads Mikkelsen hopes to get the role of the villain, but the official decision of Warner Bros. unknown. The studio may decide not to show Grindelwald in the triquel at all, although this will require some reworking of the plot.

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