Jude Law becomes a father for the sixth time

In the family of 47-year-old Jude Law replenishment – the actor and his 33-year-old wife Philip Cohen had a child. For Lowe, the newborn baby became the sixth, and for his beloved, the first.

The birth of the couple’s child became known thanks to the paparazzi: the other day they photographed Jude and his wife for a walk in London, and there was not a single hint of pregnancy in the figure of Philippa. Prior to that, she was last seen in public in June – when she was in the last weeks of pregnancy.

When the joyful event happened, as well as the gender and name of the baby are still unknown – the happy parents themselves do not comment on the news.

Philippa Cohen’s pregnancy became known in March 2020. Then in the press, there were pictures from a walk of a star couple through the streets of London – in these photos, the actor’s chosen one could clearly see a rounded belly. Not long before that, Jude Law hinted at the pregnancy of his beloved. In one of the interviews, he admitted that he dreams of nursing the baby again, and really wants to have a child with him.

My children have already grown up, and I really want another little one! After all, this is the greatest happiness, it’s always a lot of fun with kids. I love my wife madly and I want her and me to have a child, – Lowe shared.

Recall that Jude Law and Philip Cohen got married in April 2019 after four years of relationship.

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