Joshua Jackson’s wife uses breast milk as a cosmetic

Jodie Turner-Smith says she has discovered a “revolutionary remedy”.

This year, 34-year-old Jodie Turner-Smith became a mother for the first time. In a recent interview with Vogue, the actress shared an unusual beauty life hack: she adds breast milk to her face serums.

Ever since my baby was born, my new beauty secret is that I add breast milk to all my face serums. My skin is very sensitive, so I use a light cleanser and then apply aloe vera breast milk serum that I literally squeeze right out of my chest. I think it’s all about lactic acid. This is a revolutionary discovery for me, Jody shared.

Earlier in an interview with Vogue, Turner-Smith complained about systemic racism in the context of childbirth. She said she decided to give birth at home because “according to statistics, the risk of pregnancy-related death is more than three times higher for black women than for white women.” In addition, Jody was not satisfied with the fact that due to the pandemic, the presence of relatives and friends was prohibited in the delivery room.

Turner-Smith also said that she would not raise a child in America because of “ineradicable racism.” England also doesn’t seem like a child-friendly place for the actress. Jody probably plans to raise her daughter in Canada, in her husband’s homeland.

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