Joseph Biden won in Arizona and now has 290 electoral votes

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the state of Arizona, CNN reported, citing its own calculations.

Arizona remained one of several states with an unclear outcome of the fight between Biden and Donald Trump.

According to CNN, after counting 99% of ballots in the state, 49.4% of voters voted for Biden, and 49.1% for Trump. The difference is less than 14 thousand votes.

An election in Arizona earns the winner 11 electoral votes.

If the channel’s forecast turns out to be correct, it will be only the second time in more than 70 years that a Democrat has won in Arizona.

Presidential elections were held in the United States on November 3. The victory, according to preliminary data, was won by Joe Biden. The largest American media announced his victory. At the same time, the current US President, Republican Donald Trump, said that the election is far from over, and he intends to defend his own victory in court.

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