Jordana Brewster complained of bullying due to her appearance

Jordan Brewster was regularly criticized for her looks.

Attributed to Paul Walker as his mistress, actress Jordana Brewster shared her experiences of the star’s heavy burden. After the celebrity was reputed to be the chosen one of the handsome actor, great attention was riveted to her.

Jordana herself only after a while was able to admit that she was really in love with Paul Walker, but she could not admit it to him.

It would seem that the stars should be happy: they are in demand, bathed in luxury and someone else’s attention. But Brewster said that she was regularly bullied, because of which she had to struggle with complexes for years.

“An actress must always look a certain way. This is such a tremendous pressure! It tires and wastes your energy. Every time you come to work, you only think about whether you look good enough for your character,” ETCanada quoted her as saying.

Repeatedly, Brewster received angry notes in which she was hinted that she needed to lose weight immediately.

“Before, I regularly received notes with the text – you urgently need to lose weight. I suffered from this for years, and it could not be otherwise,” she notes.

Now Brewster is trying to look at everything differently and states that she is delighted that other women can afford to look the way they want.

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