Jolie and Pitt daughter Shiloh delivered an ultimatum: “I’ll stay a girl if my parents reconciled”

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, has been struggling with gender for several years. The girl had previously stated that she was a boy and even started taking hormonal pills to become more masculine even before she was allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Shilo did everything to look like a guy: she wore short haircuts, picked up masculine looks, and adhered to dark tones in accessories and shoes, however, recently, the foreign public began to notice that Shiloh had grown her hair and began to look more feminine. The other day, the paparazzi managed to catch 45-year-old Angelina with her three daughters in a supermarket, where her extraordinary daughter was cutting her in a mini-skirt.

Shiloh Pitt

Fans of the star family believe that gender-selective therapy helped the teenager and now the girl will refuse to change sex, but American rumors say something completely different. One of the users of the foreign portal JACOBCalebSmith said that he possesses insider information.

“My friend is one of the journalists in a famous magazine. They were informed in the editorial office that Shilo had given her mother an ultimatum: she would remain a girl if she made peace with her father and they got back together. Now Jolie is busy with Pitt returning, wants her daughter to remain a daughter”, said the insider.

Is it really? Time will show … In the meantime, let’s be glad for Shiloh and for her small steps towards certainty.

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