Joker becomes a leader in the number of complaints from the British

The British Film Classification Council (BBFC), which assigns age ratings to motion movies and video games in the United Kingdom, has published a report on its 2019 performance. In particular, it provides statistics on complaints from viewers about disturbing scenes from certain films. It became known that in 2019 the organization received 149 letters from consumers, which is two times less than the year before.

Among the 70 movies featured in the report, the most complaints were about Todd Phillips’s “Joker”. In the UK, this film received a rating of 15+, but certain viewers felt that the threshold had to be raised to 18+ because of the abundance of cruelty. Some consumers went even further, criticizing the decision to release such a film at all. Despite this, the BBFC does not believe that the Joker is dangerous for the psyche, so an 18+ rating is inappropriate in this case.

British audiences have also been dissatisfied with films such as “The Favourite” and “Bumblebee”, which are criticized for their sex scenes and the presence of foul language.

All the “hated” films from the BBFC’s 2019 report:

• Joker (20 complaints)
• The Favourite (12)
• John Wick 3 (9)