Johnson urged the House of Commons to agree to an early election on December 12

LONDON – The head of the British government, Boris Johnson, called on the House of Commons of Parliament to agree to hold a snap parliamentary election on December 12, if the EU gives the UK a three-month delay on “Brexit.” He told ITV on Thursday evening after holding a meeting of his Cabinet.

“I am afraid that our friends in the EU intend to satisfy the request of Parliament by agreeing to a postponement of “Brexit,which I would not want at all. To end all this and finally implement “Brexit,” I think it is necessary to take a reasonable approach in dealing with Parliament. If MPs want more time to study the terms of our great deal [with the EU], they can get it, but they will have to agree to an election on December 12. In the House of Commons for a long time, no one has a majority, MPs do not agree to implement Brexit and refuse to pass laws,” the Prime Minister said, urging the opposition to “take courage” and support the government’s proposal to hold early elections.

Speaking to Parliament, the leader of the House of Commons and a member of the British Cabinet, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said the government would put the proposal before the house on Monday. He added that if snap elections are called for December 12; Parliament will be dissolved on November 6 for the election campaign. Until then, MPs will have the opportunity to debate a Brexit bill based on the text of the new agreement between London and Brussels reached on October 17.

Earlier, Sky News political commentator Beth Rigby said that the Johnson government on Monday will propose to the House of Commons to vote on the issue of holding early elections to the country’s Parliament.

“The Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street has just concluded. Its members have refrained from commenting, but the [ruling Conservative party’s] chief party organizer, Mark Spencer, has told me that it is highly likely that the government will propose a snap election on Monday. Subsequently, that such a step is being prepared, I was informed by other informed sources,” Rigby said.

Author: Flyn Braun
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