Johnson said he hopes to improve relations with Russia

The British Prime Minister said that he would like to increase the volume of trade, but mentioned the incident in Salisbury and the “terrible problems” that arise in relations with Moscow.

TALLINN -British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped relations with Russia would improve. He said this on Saturday in an interview with the Estonian portal ERR.

“I am like many people in Western Europe who always hope that we will have a better relationship with Russia,” he said. “We always hope.”

“We want to have a better commercial relationship, we want to have more trade, but it’s always so frustrating as we have terrible problems [with Russia],” Johnson added. In this regard, he mentioned the Salisbury incident and “the terrible problems that arise in the country… in [Britain’s] relations with Russia.”

On Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Tallinn, where he assured his Estonian counterpart Yuri Ratas of unconditional support for the security of the Republic. In addition to meeting Ratas, Johnson visited British servicemen serving at the Tapa military base near Tallinn. 850 British troops from the Royal hussars are stationed at the base as part of the NATO multinational battalion. Together with them, military personnel from Estonia, France, and Denmark serve at the base.

Johnson dined with the British military, spoke with them and gave a speech during which he called the United Kingdom’s troops “the clearest symbol” of Britain’s commitment to the security and stability of Europe and post-“Brexit.”

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