Johnson has promised to introduce three categories of work visas in the UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a plan to introduce three categories of work visas if he wins the upcoming December elections.

The UK General election will be held on December 12. The conservatives seek to implement “Brexit” on January 31, the liberal Democrats are in favor of maintaining EU membership, and labor promises a new referendum. The snap election was the result of a political crisis over “Brexit.”

“We will have (visa category – ed.) “exceptional talent” – scientists, geniuses from the organization of start-UPS, people who will contribute to the growth of the UK economy… the prima ballerina, the first violin,” said Johnson in an interview with the Sunday Times.

He noted that such people will not need to receive a job offer in the country, and visas will be issued to them promptly.

The second category will include skilled workers who will have to receive a job offer in the United Kingdom. The third category will include those who come to the country “on an industry principle” for a short time to work, which does not require special qualifications. As an example, Johnson cited seasonal workers in agriculture. The Prime Minister also stressed that within this category “there is no way to obtain a place of residence” in Britain.

This system will be organized on the Australian model. It will allow, according to the Prime Minister, to regain control of British borders after leaving the EU. Johnson stressed that the innovations will make Britain “open to the world,” despite the likely decline in the number of migrants coming to the Kingdom. It is also noted that labor migrants from the European Union and the world, as a whole will be given equal conditions to work in the country.
As part of these changes, the powers of the Migration Committee will be expanded.

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