Johnny Depp’s career may end after being fired from Fantastic Beasts

Last week, Johnny Depp lost a trial with a tabloid that claimed the actor beat up his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The judge recognized this story as true, but Depp’s side considers the verdict erroneous and intends to challenge it.

However, following his defeat, Johnny retired from Fantastic Beasts at the request of Warner Bros. Now another actor will be selected for the role of Gellert Grindelwald, although several scenes for the new part have already been filmed with Depp.

Renowned media lawyer Mark Stevens believes the dismissal could end Depp’s Hollywood career. “It’s devastating for Depp. It is now recognized as toxic. He will always be known as a wife-beater, drunkard, and drug addict. It will be written on his tombstone, “– Daily Mail quoted Stevens.

After the defeat in court, Depp released a statement in which he thanked everyone who supported him, and said that this defeat did not determine his career.

“I am determined and will prove that all charges against me are false. My life and career are not determined by this moment in time, ”the actor wrote.

PR agent and writer Mark Borkovsky also predict big problems for Johnny after his defeat in court: “His reputation has been torn to shreds. Having lost this case, he will forever remain known as the “Fantastic Beasts”. Hollywood is very corporate, filmmakers won’t want to risk their money [inviting Depp]. This is a personal disaster for him. It will be as difficult for him to restore his reputation as to climb Everest without oxygen, barefoot, and in only shorts. It will be so difficult. “

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