Johnny Depp seeks Re-Trial for Amber Heard libel

The 57-year-old actor demands a reconsideration of his lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sun, which in a 2018 article called him a tyrant at home, sided with Amber Heard.

In early November, the court ruled that the published information was “essentially true” and Johnny Depp did raise his hand against his ex-wife during their marriage. The Pirates of the Caribbean star disagreed with the verdict and said he would continue to defend his honour.

The judge forbade Johnny to appeal the verdict, noting that the proposed grounds have no “real chance of success,” so the actor’s lawyers turned to the Court of Appeal with a request to schedule a retrial.

In documents leaked to the Daily Mail, Depp says “he was not given a fair trial,” and insists that the ruling was “completely wrong” and “manifestly unsafe.”

Johnny’s lawyer insists that the judge did not consider the fact that Amber Heard gave “false testimony”, many of which contradict “documentary evidence” and the words of witnesses who were not actually questioned during the hearing. The lawyer also emphasizes that the judgment will have “great consequences for society, especially for victims and those who are wrongly accused of domestic violence.”

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