Johnny Depp humiliates Amber Heard again

This actor is known not only for his roles in luxurious projects but also for his impressionability from the female charm.

So according to the actor, who, by the way, made his ex-wife Amber Heard very angry, if she hadn’t dragged her tail during the filming of Black Mass and went on a promo tour with him, he would have tried to seduce his co-star, Dakota Johnson.

In this film, the actors played together, and a love line is spelt out in the script between them. Apparently, remembering how she herself, during The Rum Diary, fell for Depp’s courtship and eventually became the reason for his departure from Paradis, Hurd decided to play it safe.

Dakota herself is not delighted with such confessions and assures that she admires Depp as an actor, but as a man, he is more suitable for her as a father. And excludes the possibility of such a relationship, especially since she is not alone.

Some American tabloids believe that the actor could really admire Johnson’s beauty, but he never thought about a relationship with her. And this is just another attempt to hurt the ex-spouse. Which certainly worked. And it remains only to wait for new barbs from Hurd.

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