Johnny Depp brings new charges against Amber Heard

In 2016, Amber Heard promised that all the money she received after her divorce from Johnny Depp would go to charity. She intended to donate $ 3.5 million to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the same amount to the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to the Daily Mail, five years later, the actress donated just $ 100,000 to charity. Lawyers for her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, consider Heard’s loud statement “pretense.” Amber’s official representatives in court decided not to miss another trick on the part of the actor and said that the rumors were specially fabricated. They believe that this is how the Pirates of the Caribbean star is trying to reopen a domestic violence case that he lost in 2020.

“Depp’s attempt to throw stories in the media criticizing Amber for not yet making all her promised charity donations is yet another desperate move. He is trying to distract attention from the decision of the United Kingdom court concerning charges of domestic violence and abuse of his wife, ” said lawyer Heard Elaine Bredehof in an interview with Deadline.

She also explained why Amber hadn’t donated the full amount yet. “She will be held accountable for her words and intends to continue to make charitable contributions. Ultimately, Hurd will fulfill his promise. However, Amber was unable to do this right away because Depp filed a lawsuit against her, and, therefore, she was forced to spend millions of dollars defending false accusations against her. “

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