John Boyega quit filming Rebel Ridge – dozens of people were fired

Dozens of people have been fired from the Rebel Ridge project following the departure of a key character.

In early June, it was reported that John Boyega, in the middle of the filming process, dropped the Netflix thriller Rebel Ridge, allegedly for family reasons, but insiders leaked information that contradicted this noble excuse.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, citing sources close to the situation, Boyega left in English without notifying anyone. At some point, he simply did not show up for the shooting and moved out of the hotel. The creators were shocked, it was not possible to find a replacement for him quickly, the project was closed, and dozens of people employed in it were fired.

Insiders claim that the actor tired everyone with endless whims, that he was not satisfied with the script, then housing. The producers tried to persuade him to return, but John refused. At the same time, his agent continues to argue that Boyega is really “all complicated, but his problems do not concern anyone.”

The producers are not going to refuse the film and will resume the process when they find an adequate replacement for Boyega. The Hollywood Reporter notes that this is the first time in the history of big cinema that a star throws a project in the middle, throwing everyone out.

Earlier, Boyega left the Star Wars franchise with a scandal, accusing Disney of racism, as the studio “pushes black characters.” Then he suddenly changed his mind about being offended and stated that he wanted to return to the project if Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams continued to steer them.

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