Joe Biden signed executive orders to help those most affected

US President: “This is not only our moral obligation; it is an economic imperative.”

US President Joe Biden has signed two executive orders to help Americans most seriously affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Thus, the US president ordered the Treasury Department to take steps to speed up the process of issuing financial assistance to those in need, for example, using special online tools for submitting relevant applications. The decree also requires the Ministry of Labor to ensure that employees can refuse to perform work that threatens their health and retain the opportunity to receive unemployment benefits in the event of dismissal.

President Biden also ordered the Department of Agriculture to develop a plan to increase food aid to Americans in need.

In the first days of his presidency, Biden emphasizes that he takes the threat posed by COVID-19 extremely seriously. As a result of the epidemic, more than 400 thousand Americans died, and millions of jobs were lost.

Signing the executive orders at the White House, Biden said: “This is not only our moral obligation, but it is also an economic imperative.” According to the US president, the $ 1.9 trillion economic aid package prepared by his administration, which is being discussed in Congress, has received the approval of businesses, labor unions, and Wall Street. Republican lawmakers negatively assessed the size of the proposed aid and proposed an alternative plan for investment in infrastructure, green energy, education, and research.

“Many Americans are suffering. The virus continues to spread. Families are starting to starve. People risk losing their homes. The number of jobs is decreasing again. We need to act. Regardless of what it looks like, but we need to act,” Biden said.

In December, Biden promised 100 million coronavirus vaccinations in the first hundred days of his presidency. On Friday, he suggested that a higher result could be achieved. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) reported that as of Friday, January 22, 19.1 million vaccinations were carried out.

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