Joe Biden: “Plan to Save America” is working

The Head of State spoke about the main successes achieved by the current administration.

President Joe Biden made an address, describing the interim results of the implementation of the “Plan to Save America” – an initiative of the Biden administration to restore the American economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The President noted that the first results of the implementation of the plan were direct federal payments to American taxpayers and the expansion of the vaccination program. To date, Biden said, the IRS has sent out more than 163 million checks to Americans, each for up to $ 1,400, which means a $ 5,600 payout for the average family of four. In the course of the program, more than 85% of American families will receive such payments.

Thanks to the “Plan to Save America,” the administration was able to expand the scale of the vaccination program. During the first hundred days of Biden’s presidency, more than 220 million vaccinations were made in the United States – this rate, the president stressed, “is unparalleled in comparison with any other country in the world, nor the history of previous vaccinations in America.”

The rescue plan also helped assist millions of Americans who have problems with access to food, helped people who rent housing, and made medical care more affordable.

“The idea (of the plan) is obvious: help is already here. In addition, the bottom line is this: the “Plan to Save America” is working. Americans are being vaccinated. The number of jobs is growing rapidly. The economy is growing. And our country is gaining momentum again,” Biden said.

The President added that some sectors of the American economy, such as the restaurant industry, need special assistance.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, restaurants were among the first to suffer significant damage. In 2020, 2.3 million jobs disappeared in the restaurant industry.

“Before the pandemic, restaurants, and bars employed 12% of the total workforce in our camp. This industry has provided employment opportunities for minorities more than any other American industry, “Biden said.” Currently, only about a quarter of restaurant owners expect to return to normal work within the next six months. With our plan, we can achieve much more.”

The Restaurant Revival Fund, organized by the Biden administration, will provide “direct assistance to restaurants and severely affected public catering establishments: bars, bakeries, car snacks, and catering establishments.

Companies that receive grants can use them to pay wages, rent, utilities, and supplies – anything they need to stay open and reopen. We are opening the doors of this program so that restaurants across the country can open their doors again,” Biden said.

According to him, applications for participation in the program began to be accepted on Monday, and in just two days, organizers received 186,200 applications for assistance from all 50 states. Biden called the number “staggering.” 97,600 applications came from restaurants owned by women, veterans, and members of socially and economically disadvantaged groups. The applicants ‘ applications have not yet been processed, but, according to Biden, assistance will be provided to about 100 thousand public catering enterprises.

Author: Steve Cowan
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