Joe Biden denies sexual assault charges

According to the democratic presidential contender, Tara Reade’s claims are “not true.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday publicly commented for the first time on allegations of sexual assault made against him by a former employee of the Senate.

“I would like to say about the accusations of a former employee, according to which I committed misconduct 27 years ago. They are not real. This never happened,” Biden said in a statement.
A resident of California, Tara Reade, who worked as a Secretary-assistant in Biden’s office in the Senate from December 1992 to August 1993, in an interview with reporters accused the former Senator that in 1993 he “pinned her to the wall and put his hand under her skirt.”

Biden, who is likely to be the Democratic nominee for President this November, has faced growing pressure within the party in recent days to comment on Reade’s accusation publicly.

The former Vice President called on the Senate to ask the national archives to release personnel records that could indicate whether a female employee filed a complaint against Biden at the time. According to Biden, documents relating to his years in the Senate were handed over to the University of Delaware and have not yet been published, do not contain any mention of such incidents.

Reuters reporters could not independently confirm the allegations made by Reade, nor could they contact Reade or her representative for comment.

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