Joe Biden delivered an address to the nation

Democrat Senator Joe Biden, who received the most votes in the US presidential election, addressed the American people.

“I will be a president who will not divide but unite. I’m not going to divide the states into democratic and republican – there is only the United States, – he said. “I went to this post to restore the soul of America, restore the backbone of our nation, the middle class, and again make America respected throughout the world.”

The start of the speech in Wilmington, the capital of Delaware – it was from this state that 30-year-old Joe Biden was elected senator in 1972 – began with a half-hour delay.

The first to step onto the scene was future US Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman in US history to hold this post.

Democracy is strong only when we fight for it,” she recalled the words of Democratic Congressman John Lewis. “When our democracy was at stake in this election when the whole world was watching, you made history. Our country owes you a lot. You have defended the integrity of our democracy. Thank you for coming to the polls in such a record number.

You have sent a clear signal. You voted for hope, for truth, you chose Joe Biden. He is a healer, he is a unifier, he has experienced many losses, he will help us find our star again.

I am the first woman to achieve this high office, but not the last. Because all American girls see that the country is giving them that opportunity. Keep your dreams high, be single-minded. We will support you along the way. I will be the vice president that Joe was for Obama, “ promised Kamala Harris.

Then Joe Biden himself took the stage.

“Fellow citizens, Americans, residents of Delaware. I owe everything to you who supported us, People of all cities, all races, and sexual orientations. You supported me, and I will support and protect you, ” said the winner of the presidential race.

“America has tipped the balance towards justice,” he added.

Then he turned to the losers. “I understand the disappointment of those who voted for President Trump – well, I myself lost twice. But they are not our enemies, they are Americans, ”Biden recalled.

“Let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to drop harsh rhetoric, reduce the degree of polemics, see each other again, again listen to each other. The search for enemies must be completed. “

According to Biden, first of all, he intends to take control of the situation with the coronavirus. As it turned out, there is a Biden-Harris plan to counter covid.

“This coming Monday, I will present a group of leading scientists and experts who, from January 20, 2021 (the date of the inauguration of the new US president), will implement this plan based on fundamental science.”

In his speech, Biden, who grew up in a deeply religious Catholic family, turned to the Holy Scriptures several times. “The Bible says everything has its time. Time to build, time to reap, time to heal, time to sow. Now is the time for America to heal. “

“Spread the faith. I love you all, God bless America, ” concluded Biden.

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