Jodie Turner-Smith blames the Queen for Meghan Markle’s troubles

The scandalous actress of the mini-series about the British queen “Anne Boleyn” Jodie Turner-Smith was once again at the epicenter of the mass discussion. This time, Jody decided to publicly support Meghan Markle and blamed the Queen and the rest of the family for the Duchess’s current problems.

More than one month has passed since the moment Megan and Harry left Britain for America, but this fact still haunts the opponents of the couple. At every opportunity, Harry and Megan are subjected to harsh criticism, and any word spoken turns against the Dukes of Sussex.

In a new interview for The Daily Mail reporters, Turner-Smith said: she understands Megan like no one else, because she herself was under pressure from the public. As for the “escape” of Megan and Harry, then everything is quite understandable, because Markle was regularly harassed, and the queen and other relatives did not support her.

“I’m sure the queen and others could see this marriage very differently. Harry and Meghan have an incentive to grow. They could accept Megan completely, protect her and their own son, so that she feels that they do not need to run to live happily, ”she stated.

Social media users, in turn, accused Turner-Smith of PR. Many agreed that in order for your name to be heard, “it is imperative that you tie yourself to the names of the dukes.”

“I caught a wave of hype”, “Yes, money doesn’t smell”, “Take Harry and Megan at home”, “The Queen gave them fame and names! If not for her, no one would have known her! Have a conscience, ”they were indignant.

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