Jetpack pilot Vince Reffet crashes in Dubai

French athlete, stuntman, and Jetman team pilot Vince Reffet, famous for flying jetpacks, crashed during Dubai training. His death was announced from a statement on the Jetman website. Details are not specified.

Reffet was 36 years old. Many people remember him for the tricks he performed with the Swiss inventor Yves Rossy. For example, in 2015, they flew with the Emirates Airbus A380 commercial airliner over Dubai.

Reffet and his partner Fred Fugen in wingsuit jumped from the top of the Jungfrau Mountain (Swiss Alps) and flew into a light aircraft.

In recent years, Reffet has been flying the wing jetpack invented by Yves Rossy. In February 2020, Reffet in a Jetman satchel launched from the ground and rose to an altitude of 1.8 kilometers above sea level. Before that, his team members could not fly away from the ground due to the design features of the knapsack-wing.

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