Jet car Bloodhound LSR accelerated to a record speed for this project

A group of enthusiasts is creating a supersonic jet car designed solely to establish a new speed record. Last year, this project was on the verge of bankruptcy, but thanks to timely assistance, he got a second chance and it recently brought the first results. Now the Bloodhound team is located in South Africa, where on the bottom of a dried lake the Bloodhound LSR car makes a series of test races, and during the last such race the car accelerated to a high speed, which is a record for this project.

We remind our readers that the Bloodhound SSG in December 2018 made a test run, accelerating to a speed of 334 kilometers per hour (210 miles per hour) in 8 seconds. After that, unexpectedly, problems with financing began and the project was on the verge of bankruptcy. The situation was saved by the British entrepreneur and investor Ian Warhurst, who bought the project, transferred it to a new office and repainted the new car, which was later named Bloodhound LSR (Land Speed ​​Record).

Jet car Bloodhound LSR

Before starting the tests in the Kalahari Desert, a huge amount of work was done by the team at the bottom of the dried Lake Hakskeen Pan. They removed 16,500 tons of stones from the surface and leveled some sections, after which the race track was ready for testing.

The first stage of the tests consisted of three races, in each of which the speed gradually increased and all the car systems were tested, paying special attention to engines and brakes. The first two races were conducted at speeds of 160 km / h (100 mph) and 321 km / h (200 mph), respectively.

But during the third race, the EJ200 turbojet engine was activated, which, after 12 seconds, accelerated the Bloodhound LSR to 537 km / h (334 mph), which is a record for this 11-year-old project. And over the next four weeks, the team plans to get to 800 km / h (500 mph), increasing speed by 80 km / h during each regular race.

Jet car Bloodhound LSR a record speed

“We had two very successful races, during one of which the car accelerated to 334 mph, accelerating from 50 to 300 mph in 13 seconds,” says Andy Green, the pilot of the Bloodhound LSR, “there were enough troubles strong, up to 15 mph, headwind, and we have established that all this is the upper limit of the car’s controllability. Now we will move on to tests at even higher speeds. ”

Ultimately, the implementation of the Bloodhound project has two goals at once – to break the existing speed record, which is 1,227.9 km / h (763.035 miles per hour). And the second goal is to overcome the speed barrier of 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 km / h). And the first attempt to establish a new speed record, according to plans, should be made at the end of 2020, if no troubles occur before this time.

Author: Flyn Braun
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