Jessie J is hospitalized with a serious illness

On December 24, the 32-year-old singer was admitted to the hospital as a result of an exacerbation of Meniere’s disease. This is a non-suppurative disease of the inner ear that is accompanied by sudden dizziness or even hearing loss, many cannot walk, often losing their balance.

“I woke up and felt that I could not hear anything with my right ear and I could not walk straight. Knowledgeable people immediately told me that I had Meniere’s disease. I know that many people suffer from this ailment, and some of them wrote to me and gave excellent advice. I calmed down and stayed at home. The fact is that I could do my favorite thing – singing, ”the singer shared on a social network.

Later, Jesse was hospitalized in the hospital. There she underwent a course of treatment, and the doctors sent her home to recover, prescribing a huge amount of drugs. Jay still cannot lead a normal life, because ear pains are constantly felt.

“I’m currently watching the TV series Queen’s Move. I had to watch one episode four times because I can’t focus and I can hardly hear anything. It feels like a hairdryer is working in my ear, ”she said.

The singer noted that her health condition could have been much worse if she had not sought help from doctors in time. And they, in turn, would not have made the correct diagnosis.

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